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Environmental Health & Safety

Commitment to Innovation - Dedication to Stewardship

Inherent in the Tessy Plastics Commitment to Innovation is a deep respect for stewardship. While stewardship has recently received widespread attention, Tessy Plastics strives to manufacture products in the most efficient, safest manner possible - conserving energy and materials through lean process and product design while insuring the health and safety of our employees.

Environmental Health & Safety Policy

Tessy Plastics Corp. is committed to managing its business using manufacturing methods and practices that are safe and environmentally responsible which will allow our people and planet to endure. We will comply with all applicable legal and other requirements to prevent pollution and reduce our impact on our surrounding environment while maintaining the health and safety of our employees along with our community. By building awareness of our suppliers, employees and customers we will continually improve and reduce; occupational injuries, employee illness, waste, energy consumption and use of natural resources. Our stewardship initiatives and outcomes will be reviewed by Management and annually reported.

Climate Declaration

Ceres Climate Declaration

Tessy Plastics signed the Climate Declaration to show not only our support on the initiative but also do our part on reducing our carbon footprint and supporting climate and clean energy policies at the national, state and local level.

About Climate Declaration