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Astounding Capabilities
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Astounding Capabilities: Anything Is Possible Here.

With a wealth of resources and a flexible infrastructure, Tessy Plastics can accommodate the needs of diverse industries. Through our Commitment to Innovation, we utilize the latest plastic molding technologies and contract manufacturing processes. Our astounding capabilities empower us to create a truly innovative solution for our customers.

With over 200 molding machines in the Elbridge location alone, Tessy Plastics has the capacity to manufacture your product on a larger scale. If you need to increase production volume, Tessy Plastics can seamlessly expand the manufacturing operation, while ensuring product integrity.  

Expanding Our Capabilities.

Tessy just constructed an additional 90,000 sq. ft. manufacturing building in Elbridge, NY plus acquired 270,000 sq. ft. distribution center in Van Buren, NY for a total of 750,000 sq. feet of space.