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Shaping Innovation Around the World


The Tessy Plastics Commitment to Innovation.

A true commitment to innovation results in constant evolution, a bettering of process and people. Discover how the following entities are evolving, benefiting from the Tessy Plastics commitment to innovation:

  • Our clients are able to evolve their business when Tessy Plastics produces their product in the most cost-effective, lean manner thanks to astoundingly creative, award-winning engineering.
  • Our company is evolving through record growth and expansion, even in these unstable economic times. We have implemented innovative measures to ensure continued profitability.
  • Our employees are evolving their careers as everyone at Tessy Plastics is encouraged to reach their full potential; there is constant exploration of abilities and opportunities for advancement and education.
  • Our industry is evolving in part because of leadership from Tessy Plastics. The high standard we set in quality deliverables pushes other plastic molders and contract manufacturers to innovate as well.  

Innovation at Tessy Benefits:

  • Our Clients
  • Our Customers
  • Our Employees
  • The Manufacturing Industry